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We have two types of Speculums, which have different sizes of Water Inlet.

The White Speculum as a 8mm Water Inlet, so is more suited to Colcon Machines that are Pressure Fed.

The Lilac Speculum as a 10mm Water Inlet, so more suited to Colon Machines that are Gravity Fed.

Speculums can be purchased with the Tubing should you prefer the Packs, or as Single Speculums in batches of 50


The Tubing for the Waste Outlet and Water Inlet come in 2ft or 3ft Lengths.

The Waste Outelet is Flexible and Opaque and fits both Speculums.

The Water Inlet is Clear PVC Tubing and comes in 6mm & 8mm Diameters, depending on what Speculum You use.

Both types of Tubing can be purchased in Reels, Lengths are 50 Metres per Reel on the Flexi Tubing and 30 Metres per Reel on PVC Tubing